EP: 106 An interview with Music Man Neal Fox

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Truther Talk Episode 106 An interview with Music Man, Neal Fox!

In Truther Talk Episode 106 An interview with Music Man, Neal FoxApril Boden & Virstyne Henry talk to the very talented artist about how he went from being a mainstream musician to creating his truth telling documentary, The Conspiracy Project.

Neal is an award-winning composer, filmmaker, artist and activist. In the 1970s he had recording deals on Polydor, RCA and Columbia Records. He had two singles on the Billboard charts, and a Top Ten Dance Club hit. As a partner in a successful music production company, he wrote and produced “jingles” for 100s of commercials, and “promos” for all the major networks including NBC, MTV and VH-1. He also wrote TV themes for programs such as, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, and co-scored the Killer Tomatoes movies, which became cult classics.

Now Neal releases his own CDs and wins awards for his low-budget music videos and films. His intention has always been to use his art to make a difference in the world. His specialty is social commentary and he is known for “saying the things that need to be said.” And that leads us to his unconventional documentary, The Conspiracy Project, which has already been accepted into four film festivals, with high praise from viewers.

He recently just won several awards, including best score at the Action On Film Festival in Florida. You can find the dvd/cd Conspiracy Project at: http://www.theconspiracyproject.org and at http://www.wireduck.com.

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