Ep: 107 Point to Ponder with Patrick J Hatwan

In Truther Talk Episode 107 POINT to PONDER with  Patrick J Hatwan!, April Boden and Virstyne Henry talk to their friend Patrick Hatwan!
Patrick grew up on South Dakota along the Missouri River, residing in Pickstown and Pierre until college. He was born in Pickstown, S.D. 1950. In his youth, he experienced a life and lifestyle that was tumultuous.
He lived with undiagnosed autism—he experienced 2 kinds of subclinical seizures after being vaccinated 4 times for small pox, 3 that didn’t “TAKE”, he experienced learning disorders, (mathand numbers were Greek ), dyslexia, reading comprehension difficulty, and of course, the inability to “fit in” socially were his experiences throughout his entire K-12 school years. and Regarding numbers math, it was impossible for him to do any simple math, but when trigonometry came along, STRAIGHT A’s. Patrick obtained his B.S. Life Sciences, Dakota Wesleyan University 1972, without ever opening a texstbook, while being married for two of his 4 years.
His next 30 years were rather unremarkable, being what the ordinary middle class family experienced. In 2000, a life-changing experience was just around the corner. Arthritis began to impose itself in his life.
In 2001, he was introduced to supplementation at his intense resistance. A close friend suggested he try some nutritionals with no risk involved, and so he relented. Within 6 weeks there was noticeable and profound change. In 2005, another life-changing event was going to unfold. A series of events propelled him into Clayton College of Natural Health where he pursued two advanced degrees: PhD with a thesis on Alternative Cancer Prevention Strategies and Techniques and a doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy. Clayton was eventually forced to close its doors…and the work on the PhD had to be terminated.
In 2014, Patrick pursued the work of Dr Mark Sircus, from Brazil. He mentored under Dr Mark from 2004 and still does, but Natural Allopathic Medicine certification was completed in November of 2014. Patrick maintains his business, Wellness Institute of Nebraska in a very low-key environment. It is illegal to hang a shingle in Nebraska …the state does not recognize naturopathy as a legitimate medical practice. None the less, Patrick has exited the Matrix and has chosen to not educate himself inside the orthodoxy to this day.
You can find Patrick’s website at: https://www.mylifevantage.com/patrickjhatwan
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