Support Kamala

Please Support Kamala

Dear Friends,

Kamala, her father and I would like very much to thank you for your contributions and support of Kamala in her healing process.

Thank you falls far short of the enormous gratitude we feel for your generous contributions, prayers, and heart felt thoughts.

Kamala is still fighting the good fight.

We had all hoped for greater results from the stem cell treatment she received and planned for a booster treatment, for which we have not raised enough funds and that treatment is still pending.

However, she has made progress through her amazing efforts.

She has overcome a second bout with cancer, an eight week bout with spinal infection and many chemo-therapy treatments.

Her cancer is currently in remission and her spirit is beginning to heal.

She may never recover all her mobility but she is workin very hard in physical therapy to regain as much as she can.

Thanks to your love, support and generosity, she may yet overcome all.

Again, our heartfelt thanks to all of you over and over again.

With gratitude,
Kamala’s Family