Conspiracy Realist

Conspiracy Realism

Conspiracy.. Conspiracy theory.. Conspiracy theorist.. What image comes to mind when we hear those words?  A former MIT professor living in the woods, alone making homemade bombs in his basement?  A gaggle of kool-aid drinking hippies, wearing tin foil hats in the middle of the desert waiting for the mother ship?  The words “conspiracy theorist” alone are divisive… they are used to insult, discredit, and accuse.  Because obviously conspiracies in modern day don’t occur and anyone who believes they do must be crazy.  Sure we know that a former US president conspired to break into the Watergate Hotel to gather information about his enemies.. AND sure, we know that when another former US president “implied” that the North Vietnamese had twice attacked Americans in the Gulf Tonkin, which gave the US hawks (the military-industrial complex) way to drop bombs and agent orange all over Vietnam and Cambodia, killing, maiming, dismembering and disabling millions.. (and for several generations to come); actually turned out to be.. well.. an utter lie!!  AND.. sure, we know that the CIA (Oh.. yes, it’s real:, Office of Science Intelligence for oh… 30 some odd years were conducting mind control programs on American citizens, destroying evidence of said mind control in order to use it’s own people for an experiment known as the MK Ultra Project.  So… Yeah.. BUT they said they were sorry.. and wouldn’t do it again.. and it was a stain on our history and yadda yadda yadda.. Right?  So do we believe them?  Do we believe that these lying, conspirators who only admit their misconduct upon getting caught stating “our bad” and move on, usually without retribution?

Imagine you are with a group of 5 friends.  You are to vote on where to go to dinner that night and majority rules; but no one wants the same thing.  Do you think that a deal might strike between 2 or more parties?  Do you think that Fred might ask Ethel if she’ll pick Chinese with him, if he’ll pay for her dinner?  Do you think Lucy might finally agree to go on that date with Ricky if he just votes Italian with her?  Do you think she’ll back out on the deal and team up with Ethel instead and go for Thai?  Have you ever been involved in a conspiracy?  Of course you have.. and so have I.

So if conspiracies happen all the time and are well known in all areas of society, why is it such a crazy notion?  Why is it so crazy to assume.. or to KNOW.. that a conspiracy could, have and will occur?  Perhaps, it’s a conspiracy to make conspiracies seem crazy, cause the conspirators are trying to cover their own conspiracy.. Well, I just made that last part up but maybe it’s true. The reason we want to know history is, so we may better understand the present and possibly predict the future.  So if conspiracies have occurred in this country and ever other on the planet.. then would it not be predictable that they will occur again?  I think it would… AND I think that it is not merely “theory” but reality.  I for one, am not a conspiracy theorist.. I am a conspiracy realist, what about you?

Think about it………  Take your time……….

So have you decided?  Well we at Truther Tees/Talk have faith in you.. we know that you have joined the ranks of Conspiracy Realists.  If you think that phrase sounds familiar, it was first heard on the Robert Scott Bell show by the Conspiracy Realist himself, investigative journalist, comic, and Truther Tees/Talk muse (or whatever male equivalent), Liam Scheff.  He also helped me edit this essay because that’s the kind of guy he is.. Good salt of the earth fellow. – April Boden

Please do yourself a favor and check out his latest articles, comics, news and be sure to buy his new book Official Stories at  The Conspiracy Realist and co-host of the Robert Scott Bell show can be heard several times a week at Natural News Radio,

Peace, Truth & Love,
Truther Tees

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