Vax Truth…Or What’s a Little Pig virus? Episode 10

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In Truther Talk Episode 10: Vax Truth.. OR.. What’s a Little Pig Virus?, Virstyne and April get nauseous when talking about what goes in a vaccine.

Aside from monkey kidneys, mercury and infant fetus… there’s oh.. maybe a little Recombinant DNA…. Did the lab tech just say? “Oh.. that’s where it is.. I’ve been looking for that Recombinant DNA all of the over the place.. nevermind, it’s in your children’s vaccines.” Or is there something more sinister at play?

At the top of the hour former guest, Sara Sotomayor comes back to recap her story and exprience after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. She also tells us about her new blog Sara’s healing journey:

In the next hour April and Virstyne are joined by former medical journalist and whistleblower, Jane Burgermeister. She recounts her nightmarish experience after exposing the truth about the Bird Flu vaccine. She also warns of a new possible false flag pandemic such as the one in 2009 for the H1N1/Swine flu.

For more about Jane visit her sites at:,

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