Back to School Episode 14

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As the Summer comes to a close many people are heading back to school and for this special, April Boden and Virstyne Henry have a jam packed show welcoming three guests to share their knowledge and insights about vaccines, vaccine mandates and the public school system.

Previous guest, Sara Sotomayor comes back to give her perspective on the day’s topics and discuss her new blog, about her Gardasil vaccine injury and subsequent healing journey.

Vaccine mom, expert, researcher, activist and former DAN (Defeat Autism Now) practioner, Marcella Piper-Terry joins April and Virstyne to share her expertise and experience on vaccination. Marcella is also the co-founder of non-profit that provides excellent articles and information. Please check out and make a donation for offering an invaluable service by putting up their famous billboards, “No Shots, No School, Not True!”

Erica Goldson whose viral youtube video of her valedictorian speech joins Truther Talk to close out the show and give her take on the public school system. You won’t want to miss this lively conversation. To view Erica’s video and read some of her essays, check out her blog at Also view her speech, Expanding Horizons of Education: Erica Goldson at TEDxBeloHorizonte at: She can be contacted at

Peace, Truth & Love, TT