What’s The Frequency Episode 18

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In Truther Talk Episode 18,What’s the Frequency…  While April is away, Virstyne welcomes, scientific researcher, Donald Adams.

Donald has been fully committed to the discovery and development of Frequency Science for the last 20 years. He began primarily interested in wave phenomenon and the characteristics of field effects. His studies were also aimed at understanding consciousness and behavior from a very different perspective.
The blend of discovery of the sounds of stars and the sounds of certain mind body states is what has lent to the overall development of this unique science, of which he has been a leading thinker, researcher and developer of, the science of Frequency Healing.
The process is still experimental and Donald Adams, whose background is primarily in computing science and related fields and who is not a qualified medical professional, has found his frequencies are yielding very dramatic and life-changing results for the 3,500+ volunteers to date that are providing feedback on its effects.
For more information about Donald Adams aka Doc Starz and to read more about frequency healing, he can be found at www.soundofstars.org.  Check out his youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/docstar77?feature=watch.
April comes back to re-cap Virstyne’s exciting interview going into the effects of Electrosmog and the potential for this exciting new science.
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