The Horrible Truth About the Canadian Holocaust Episode 19

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In Truther Talk Episode 19, The Horrible Truth about the Canadian Holocaust, April and Virstyne welcome back their friend and frequent guest Sara Sotomayor.
Sara brings the audience up to speed on her health and healing journey after being vaccine damaged by the HPV vaccine Gardasil 5 years ago.  For more information on Sara you can listen to past Truther Talk shows and check out her blog at
Sara also lends her knowledge and wisdom on the Canadian holocaust, crimes of church and state, as well as the brave acts of truth crusader, Kevin Annett.
In the next segment, Kevin Annett, joins the show to give accounts of his own experience, research and knowledge of the atrocities.  He further discusses the legal action currently being pursued to hold accountable the perpetrators of these crimes.
For more information go to his websites:, You can find his books on the subject at  To read the online book  ‘Hidden No Longer’ and watch Kevin Annett’s documentary ‘REPENTANT’, go to
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