The Elite’s Dirty Little Secret Episode 22

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In Truther Talk, Episode 22, The Elite’s Dirty Little Secret, April and Virstyne continue Halloween month with stories of real life horror as they discuss, the impeding UN depopulation plan, Agenda 21.
In the first segment an excerpt from Forum for the Future, Planned-Opolis cities, is followed by a brief analysis from fellow truth seekers, The Truther Girls.
Second segment is greeted by guest, Dr. Rima Laibow.  Dr. Rima Laibow lends her knowledge to the public on vaccines, GMOs, Bill Gates, Agent Orange, Codex Alimentarius and most importantly, the true power of the people.   She is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation. She has practiced drug-free medicine and psychiatry since graduating from Medical School in 1970.
Natural Solutions Foundation is based on the premise that you, not the State, actually own your body and you must be free to access the food, health care and information that you wish.
She runs a weekly radio show, Dr. Rima Reports, Sunday 10 AM -1 PM Eastern Time which can be heard at
To learn more and to join Dr. Rima in her fight against globalization you can go to one of the websites at:,
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