Ghost Stories Episode 24

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In Truther Talk Episode, 24: Ghost Stories! April and Virstyne welcome back, filmmaker, Sean Stone.

In this Halloween special the show centers around Sean’s new horror film, Greystone Park.  Stone’s directorial debut is based on the real life experience of the filmmakers after they entered this abandoned psychiatric hospital, famous for its radical treatment of patients with mental illness. Electroshock, insulin therapy, and lobotomies were commonplace. Once inside, the filmmakers quickly discovered that they were not alone.
Sean Stone will also be seen on the third-season of the eagerly awaited popular TV series, ‘Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura’.  Sean talks about some of the future episodes that are set to air November 7, 2012 on TruTV; bound to shock and excite fans.
Conspiracy Theory listings and showtimes:
And to watch a trailer, rent or purchase Greystone Park:
Happy Halloween…
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