Vaccines, Toxins, and Women’s Health Episode 38

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In Truther Talk Episode 38: Vaccines, Toxins and Women’s Health! April and Virstyne invite back their favorite correspondent, Sara Sotomayor.

Sara helps open the show with an update on her blog, life and healing from her Gardasil vaccine injury.  For more information on Sara, check out her blog at:

In the next segment April and Virstyne welcome woman’s health expert, activist and radio journalist, Leslie Carol Botha.  Check out Leslie’s work and radio show at:,

Later in the show vaccine activist and expert, Eileen Dannemann joins the conversation to lend her expertise on the H1N1 flu vaccine cover up and more.  For more on Eileen and her work check out:,

Gardasil, BPA, Mercury, Synthetic birth control and more are discussed in this lively interview!!!!

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