Oil and Genocide and the Silver Lining

I was working at my computer when I heard a loud scream that came down the hallway of my apartment building. I immediately stopped what I was doing and ran out of my door down the hall where I embraced a stranger I had never met. We jumped up and down and screaming and crying. We had just found out that Barrack Obama was now our new president!
My mom who is in her 60’s who I have only seen cry twice, one time when I almost died of an asthma attack, and for a second time during Obama’s inauguration where she recalled a Jim Crow day going into a restaurant and having the bus boy take her and her friend’s order because the waiters didn’t want to wait on filthy Black people. Obama’s inauguration was the day she felt vindicated.
So many Black people not just in America but around the world put their faith, blood, and tears into Obama. This is the guy that’s gonna make us shine like the Chrysler Building, and show the world what Black people are really made of.
I’m practically a celebrity living in Taiwan at the moment. I have a student who can make at least 50 sentences using Obama’s name. My students see me as the American who comes from a country with the Black president who is gonna bring about world peace. I mean Isn’t he? I mean he was given a Nobel Peace Prize on credit right? “ Just give him time.” I told one of my friends. “He’ll come around.” “But don’t you think it’s weird that he has won a Nobel Peace Prize and he hasn’t done anything?” “What does he have to do he’s Obama. Duh!” I replied.
Barrack Hussain Obama is perfect in every way: tall, dark, handsome, perfect teeth, hypnotic voice, perfect smile, perfect family, bi-racial the best of both worlds, funny, charming, intelligent, and emphatic. Does this man have any flaws? No he’s Obama! Can this man do anything wrong? No he’s Obama! Aww but look Sasha and Melia got a cute little dog and they have a garden in back of the White House. He even has his own super hero stalker girl that sings songs about him and he’s on T-shirts too.
Now my eyes are opened and I am haunted by visions of children and innocent people being killed and women being raped. Poor people are going to a distant country to murder other poor people and get murdered themselves. Um yeah it’s called a war not a kinetic action. Thanks main stream media I know the difference. I can make up my mind for myself no mass media manipulation for me thank you very much. I quit a few years ago. “Bombing for Peace is like fucking for virginity”
Ok now that’s out of the way I’m calling for the hippies, and liberal anti-war patriots who were against Bush during his reign. Come out come out where ever you are. Now that Bush is gone, the same thing is happening can’t you see? It’s the same shit only with a more handsome president.
In all seriousness I’m making jokes to keep from crying. To keep from letting everybody know how sad I am. I am really sad. It’s hard to believe that we as a planet have all been bamboozled. It’s a very painful reality when you wake up one day and you realize the world works very differently than you thought it did. Had I known about Zbigniew Brzezinski and Obama’s other advisors, I probably would have seen through the façade sooner. That’s when I actually believed that one person like a president with “Good Intentions” could save us. There is always that guy. Like Luke Skywalker, Neo, or Black Jesus who saves everybody. All we have to do is relax while they sit back and sacrifice their life for our lazy asses. Pretty sweet deal huh?
I mean that’s how it works right? There was a nagging voice inside me that said. Don’t put too much faith in Obama he’s only one man. But I told it to shut the hell up and opted to believe the myth of the savior archetype since I figured it was less work for me.
Being a Black person it’s hard to criticize Obama because you have Black people who automatically hate you and call you a sellout. Then you have the non-Black people who hate you too because you don’t support him and for some odd reason they are perplexed because they don’t understand why all Black people don’t like and agree with each other like they’ve seen on TV. But when you’re wrong you’re wrong And if it’s one thing I am opposed to is war: especially a war for oil and genocide.
But the silver lining on this cloud is, if it weren’t for Obama I wouldn’t have seen what a sham this system is. That our systemic problems as a society can’t be fixed by one man. Now that I am thinking clearly, I think about what a ridiculous concept that was. The answer all along is us. It always has been. We are the change we need to see in the world.
One of my favorite movies growing up was a movie called Willow. There is a scene in the movie where the main character Willow applies to be an apprentice for a great wizard. The wizard holds up his own five fingers and asks him which finger has the power to rule the world. Willow picks three different fingers and fails. He later learns the answer was his own finger.
It’s so true I wish so many people will snap out of their trance and realize that we are worthy, we are good, that we don’t need to have one person to save us. We can save ourselves.
I’ve stopped voting. I haven’t told my family yet. They are probably going to think I am crazy, but I don’t care. I’m bored to tears by remarks that people make about how Black people fought so long to get the right to vote and that I should be ashamed of myself for not taking advantage of this opportunity. I just think to myself or say when I don’t care about being a smart ass that “They also fought for the right for us to learn how to read and think critically maybe you should try the same.”
I truly believe when people get out of this tribal mentality of Black vs. White, Republican vs. Democrat, Man vs. Woman, Autobot vs. Decepticon that’s when we are going to see real change.
I have to admit that my heart was broken when I realized Obama wasn’t the “savior” I thought he was. I felt like I gave my heart and soul to the love of my life only to have him cheat on me with 59 whores.  But I’m also grateful that his flaws has allowed me to see the savior in myself and the rest of humanity. And though my heart was broken it will mend. What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.– Virstyne Henry

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