Sandy Hook Massacre.. What really happened? Analysis and Questions! Jun19


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Sandy Hook Massacre.. What really happened? Analysis and Questions!

On December 14, 2012 I was home caring for a sick child.  My 7 year old sweetie with severe autism had a cold, (he’s had several over the past month and half).  We were baking Body Ecology friendly, gluten free cookies and making homemade sugar free gummy candies when I turned on the TV.  Every station was a buzz with the latest  massacre.  I heard the news.. two.. possibly 3 shooters had descended on an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut killing an unknown number of children in a Kindergarten class.. Kindergarten?  I gasped.. my stomach hurt causing me to curl down to the floor… crying uncontrollably, feeling physically ill… I envisioned small Kindergarten children facing scary, masked monsters with guns; as they screamed and ducked for shelter they are met with bullets.. The terror was more than I could imagine.  I felt it in my gut.. this is it!  This is it!! This is what, you ask?  This is the beginning of the end.  Whether staged false flag or SSRI induced insanity, this would be the catalyst to lunge us into the next stage of tyranny.. the increased call for police state, government centralized guns, leaving the law abiding American citizens as sitting ducks for the tyrannical role in.  Within the hour the 2-3 possible shooters would soon be forgotten and a ‘lone gunman’ was named.  Shy, smart and socially akward, 20 year old Adam Lanza with a diagnosis of Asperger’s was the only shooter.  WHAT?  What the fuck kind of lie is that?  You mean, a kid with Asperger’s?  No… No.. they got that wrong or they’re lying.  At this point, no doubt in my mind.. false flag.  Nevertheless, for three days to follow I would cry at every thought of it.. consumed with questions and images of the events in my head I would start again.. crying again..  I dove into to investigation mode.. almost to the point of obsession.  The more I looked, the more I knew.. too many discrepencies… too many impossibilities.. too many lies..  Friends and acquaintances would write me with information.  Information filled with illuminati symbolism, Batman movie images, Satanic sacrifice, connections to bank fraud and parent’s of the victims who appear to be doing bad dinner theater.  What is going on?  Who are these parents who do not appear to be shedding a tear for their lost children?  Sure, there’s no one way to handle grief but not a one?  I cried for 3 days for children I didn’t know.. Why not one parent?  Or maybe these parents are crying off camera?  What’s going on?


Again dealing with a sick child (this one is lasting weeks).  Again too busy for anything.. I wake up, school, meal planning, yadda yadda… by the end of the day I’ve been on my feet for about 16 hours.  No time for obsession.. healing autism is the only obsession I can afford.  There was no time to be a truth warrior… a warrior was needed in the battle at home.  So what has caused me to come out of hiding?  The following essay was sent to me by a friend who wishes to remain anoymous.  Her timeline of events, research and touching story of personal experience were too compelling and too important not to be shared.  I asked if I could and with her permission, I am publishing the following.  For those of you who have been researching Sandy Hook; though you may not be terribly shocked, you undoubtedly will find new insight.   For those of you haven’t… I welcome you to the rabbit hole:


“1. Woman saw a facebook banner about shooting at Sandy Hook 13 minutes before the first calls to police were received.


2. Originally we were told it started at 9:30 but later said the first call came in at 9:41.


3. Media originally told us it was Ryan Lanza not Adam. Did someone get the script wrong? They would later try to say that Adam had his brother’s identity on his body, but they hadn’t seen each other, according to Ryan Lanza, since 2010.


4. Adam Lanza apparently has Autism and was never left alone. How could someone with autism plan anything like this? Go to a place her didn’t know? Be capable of driving? Shoot his Mother, dress head to toe in black clothing, weapons, clips, lock and load 4 or more weapons, drive his car to the school, shoot his way into a grade school, then methodically and with the accuracy of a professional assassin, mows down little children and teachers and administrators. Not possible for someone with Autism. And apparently had fake I.D. made up to pretend to be his brother, even though he planned on killing himself….supposedly.


5. Media said the Mother worked at the school and that he headed for her classroom. There were news accounts that she was found dead in the school in her Kindergarten classroom. Later no connection to school whatsoever.


6. Media said that two handguns were found near Adam’s body but the bushmaster was in the trunk of the car. Later they would say that the bushmaster and two handguns were found next to Adam and that there was also a shotgun found in the car. All media reports of guns owned by Mother did not include a shotgun.


7. Originally told children were being evacuated even as they still searched for the shooter or additional shooters. Later coverage a full 45 minutes later would say none of the children were yet to be evacuated. No one seems to have a real picture of events as they happened or what really happened at all.


8. Original and live footage and eye witnesses told of several figures involved and at least 3 people were taken down, cuffed, and taken by local police. We were never told who they were or what happened with them. Even a little boy said a man was handcuffed on the ground and helicopter footage showed the police taking a man down in the woods.


9. A facebook page called RIP Victoria Soto was started on December 10th, four full days before the shooting occurred and her death. They since took it down and restarted it but people have screen shots showing the Dec. 10th date.


10. Police scanner recordings prove the police took down at least 3 people following the shooting. Police walked a man out of the woods in handcuffs, he was wearing camo pants and a dark shirt. 


11. Originally told there were 3 victims in the hospital. Then one, then days later there was another un-named person supposedly in the hospital. No media is pursuing this?


12. No one in the media witnessed the removal of any bodies from the school, they were somehow miraculously removed in the middle of the night in a “freezer van” and no one noticed a thing even outside of the cordoned off area. 


13. Gene Rosen, crazy neighbor that said kids were in his driveway after the shooting not only said Victoria Soto’s name but already knew she was 27 years old. You think the kids told him that? Then he tells the sad story of the mother coming to look for her son and that night at 6:00 he saw that her son was on the casualty list…..a full 2 days before the casualty list was released.


14. Stated Gene Rosen was a retired psychologist but his online profile says he had 2 years of college. It was claimed he was a decorated Vietnam Vet/Marine but that was later dropped, he is not a vet.


15. Robby Parker, Gene Rosen, Kaitlyn Roig, The McDonnells, Victoria Soto’s entire family, Dawn Hochsprung’s family, the Barden family, uncles, aunts and not one single tear shed in all those interviews. A lot of sniffing, snuffling, scrunched faces but not one single tear to be seen. Not possible if you had just lost a precious child. Everyone has clear white eyes, beautiful clothing, perfect hair and makeup. In every single media piece I saw, there were people laughing and smiling. This town is either the sickest bunch of psychos or these were all actors.


16. Police reiterated several times that they had searched the building several times…every closet, every cubby hole, cabinet door, etc. Yet later two office workers claimed they were in a closet for over 4 hours. When they finally emerged they startled police officers in the building.


17. During a press conference state police spokesman stated that parents were being given details and kept up on investigative findings and each family was assigned a police officer as a liaison. Yet Lauren Rousseau’s father stated that 16 children were killed in his daughter’s classroom and that is not true, the number was wrong. So the families were getting the same bad information as the media or no one could get all the stories straight.


18. After the victim list is released, a very weird guy was put in front of the media that they were claiming was the coroner. During the interview he joked around, and stated he hadn’t even seen any of the bodies yet, they were all upstairs and he hadn’t been upstairs all day. But said each one had multiple gun shots. He was even asked what they were wearing and he said, “cute kid stuff”. He was asked how many boys and how many girls and he said “I have no idea”!


19. We heard a lot of people were warned something was happening because they were making morning announcements, but later we were told some person had hit the intercom button to warn people. But the office workers never claimed they did this in media interviews but instead said she saw the feet of the shooter who then walked away from them and she and her coworker crawled into a closet where they would remain for over 4 hours, despite the police claiming they had thoroughly searched the building many times.


20. Later we heard that they believe that Dawn Hochsprung, the principal, hit the intercom to help warn people, but those with her said she headed into the hall to confront the gunman, from a meeting room, she would not have been able to get to the office to activate the intercom. A local news station originally stated they had received the first call about the incident from Dawn Hochsprung, the principle, but later said that was wrong.


21. A young boy interviewed not only said there was a man handcuffed on the ground, but also said that police poked their heads into the gym where he was and asked “is he in here” even though we were told the gunman had already been found dead after seeing police arrive. Who was the “he” they were looking for?


22. Lauren Russeau joined facebook on December 12th, two days before the shooting, she put up the picture we see in the media and labeled herself as a male. She added only two friends, one from Indonesia and another that has no information about himself at all. She did not add her fiancé. What 27 year old does not belong to facebook?


23. The car they claimed was driven by Adam Lanza from his home 5 miles away and belonging to his mother, apparently was registered to a known drug dealer, not Lanza. 


24. Why was Ryan Lanza arrested and held until nighttime the day of the shooting? Questioning might be understandable but arrest? 


25. Early on in the media coverage we heard many stories that later simply disappeared without explanation. I heard the Ryan Lanza had killed his father and then went to the school. Then I heard that Ryan Lanza, his girlfriend, and a roommate were all found dead in their apartment in New Jersey. Later I heard the girlfriend and the roommate were missing. Then we heard that Ryan Lanza was being questioned, but there was media footage of him being taken in to the police station in handcuffs. There was coverage later of him being released at night. Now they say he was never taken into custody, only questioned.


26. First accounts were that Nancy Lanza was a “prepper”, thought the end was coming and stocked weapons, food, etc. for the coming conflict. Later friends, neighbors, and family state she was a normal everyday housewife and mother that advocated strongly for her disabled son, liked gardening and playing games.


27. On October 29th, the Weather Channel did a story called “Sandy’s Hook, How unusual is this?” Supposedly about how the storm Sandy, hooked or curved in its path. Coincidence?


28. Alexis Haller, uncle of Noah Pozner joined facebook on December 15th, 2012. The day after the shootings. He quickly added a bunch of lovely family photos of him holding his child, his wife, and pictures of the family dogs. Odd Veronique Pozner is not one of his 130 friends added since December 15th. Both he and his wife list their marriage on facebook as December 15th, 2012! Very Weird. -April Boden


Many years ago my sister lost a child. She was only 15 months old and seemed fine the night before. They even took pictures of the two girls the night before after their bath. The next morning, they found their beautiful baby in her crib, dead. An ambulance came and rushed her lifeless body to the hospital, police came and glared at my sister and husband for hours until the hospital called them off, saying the baby had pneumonia and that was the cause of death, then they just left. No apologies, no condolences, just out of there. All of us were at a minimum of 3 hours away and rushing to my sister’s side. It was a hard trip, almost impossible to drive as we were simply basket cases, falling apart constantly on our way. Once there it was even worse. Not only watching my sister grieve her beautiful baby, but her husband too. I had never in my life seen a man reduced to such a state. They were barely functional for days. We could barely force them to eat little bites here and there, they couldn’t sleep, when they did sleep and then awake they simply lived in sweats, hardly able to brush their hair or teeth, and my beautiful sister, whom I had never witnessed not dressed to the hilt, made up, hair done, was a mess for the first week. She simply didn’t care. Neither of the parents could go longer than a few minutes to an hour without falling apart all over again, and forget about talking about her, her personality, her birthmark, her amazing hair and they would fall apart again. My own Mother couldn’t handle it and had to leave, begging me to stay in her place and they would return for the funeral and take care of my own daughter, who was the same age as my deceased niece during the week I stayed with my sister. It was the worst week of my life. Both my sister and her husband looked as if they were suffering from some incurable disease, puffed up faces, dark circles under their eyes, and the whites of their eyes were red for weeks, unable to hide the grotesque and overwhelming grief they were suffering. I was crushed and inconsolable myself and now not able to hold my own baby for a week while I tried to help my sister.I am a crisis person. I become calm, decisive, and able in a crisis and have demonstrated this many times throughout my life. I have twice rendered CPR and saved two lives, including my own Mothers. But this was different. This little baby, my sister’s child, tore me up like nothing in my life. A sister-in-law and I agreed to help take care of some things that my sister and her husband were simply rendered incapable of handling. She wanted that film processed from the night before. We took the roll of film in and were unable to hold it together in front of the lady at the camera store. It was so bad that she started crying too. She rushed the processing of the film and there was a beautiful picture of the baby, so amidst us two sobbing basket cases we requested it be blown up to a 14 x 20 size and framed for the upcoming funeral. We then went on to a shoe store. My sister had a beautiful custom dress that she had decided she wanted her baby to be buried in, but did not have a nice pair of shoes to go with it. So we volunteered to go buy the shoes. We picked them out, and the lady at the store launched into a post sold selling trip about the soles of the shoes and how they are non-slip and the child could never slip or fall because of the shoes. My sister-in-law and I lost it again, we crumpled to the floor sobbing, trying to explain to the clueless sales lady that this little girl was never going to run in these shoes or worry about slipping and falling, she was to be buried in these shoes. Both the photo drama and shoe drama were a full three days after her death, and yet even as relatives, we were unable to speak of her without falling apart, sobbing uncontrollably. The entire family sobbed through the entire funeral. No one in the immediate family could have uttered a single word at the funeral, it would have been incoherent, broken by sobs if not total collapse. My sister had gone to the funeral home the night before the funeral. When she entered the room with her daughter she collapsed and it had already been nearly a week since her death. But she later managed to fix her hair as she was not pleased with what they had done to it and wanted her to look like her, despite we were having a closed casket funeral. My sister had to be helped out of the building.


So, if one single person who had lost a child, say Robby Parker, could come out barely 24 hours after the death of his daughter and exhibit laughter, then rather composed talk about his little girl and what she was like and what they said to each other that very morning, I would have thought, “Wow, this guy is either extremely cold and psychotic, or people can do very weird things in grief and he was somehow temporarily out of his mind”. But then to watch the McDonnells go even further in talking about their daughter and what kind of child she was and how they went to the funeral home and decorated her casket. Wow! And then the Rekos, same thing, and while at least they attempted some sniffles, again like all the others, not a single real tear to be found. The father of Jesse Lewis, same thing, no real tears. The Mother of Noah Pozner too, all of them dressed immaculately, make-up perfect, perfectly white eyes, no puffiness, no looking like they had an incurable disease like my sister and her husband. Noah’s mother actually wore bright lipstick and waved to the media after her son’s funeral. In every media piece there are people all around smiling if not laughing. Parents who just picked up their kids from a massacre where 20 children were supposedly murdered yet they are smiling, light hearted, almost joking about the situation. Any normal person would have been a basket case, would have rushed their child or children home and locked all the doors and not emerged for days.”

by Anoymous


And this is just the tip of the iceberg… Below you’ll find a few other links to articles and/or videos of interest.  One thing I have to say is that this event whether complete hoax, mass murder or…. well if you want to believe the official story.. I don’t know.. BUT regardless, this is one of the darker stains on our country’s history.  What happens next.. how much freedom we’re willing to sacrifice, how many lies we’re willing to endure, how many human sacrifices we’re willing to accept and how we choose to approach it all.. well.. that’s up to us. –


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