Back to school 2013 Episode 44

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In Truther Talk Episode 44: Back 2 School 2013! April and Virstyne talk vaccines… vaccine mandates, exemptions, dangers and individual rights.

In the first segment they discuss the anti-health freedom, pro-big pharma bill California AB2109 with vaccine truth activist, Dawn Winkler.  Dawn gets into what the vaccine laws presently are in California and what it may look like in the future.

For more information on this bill and Dawn’s work with the NVIC / National Vaccine Information Center go to:

-NVIC: and

-Californian’s Against AB2109:

In the next segment die hard truth activist from NYC, Sallie Elkordy, takes a break from her busy activism schedule to discuss the latest in New York on the anti-parental rights, vaccine bill, A00497.

Please join Sallie’s campaign to ban all vaccines at:

Support her run for NYC Public Advocate on facebook at:

And listen to her radio show at:

Educate before you vaccinate.