Childhood, Home-birth & Natural Parenting! Episode 45

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In Truther Talk Episode 45: Childhood, Home-birth and Natural Parenting! Virstyne is joined by fill in co-host, investigative journalist, artist, author and Conspiracy Realist t-shirt muse, Liam Scheff.

Liam’s essays, articles, art and latest books can be found at:

Together they welcome the first lady of Natural News Radio herself, Joni Abbott Cox.  Joni talks about her life as a mother, advocating natural parenting, health, home-birth and homeschooling.  She gives great insight into these important topics based on her own experience and years of research.

Her very popular radio show, Homegrown Health can be found at:

In the final segment, April returns from her night job as an NWO fighting kitty to close out the show with Virstyne and further discuss the topics of the day.

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