Evolving or Devolving Through Technology Episode 46

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In Truther Talk Episode, 46: Evolving or Devolving Through Technology, April and Virstyne entertain the pros and cons of modern technology.

In the first segment while April is away, Virstyne invites frequent guest, Mr. Conspiracy Realist, Liam Scheff to talk peak oil.  Liam’s essays, articles, art and books can be found at his website: http://liamscheff.com/.  To listen to Liam’s new radio show on Truth Frequency, check the The Energy Show at: http://truthfrequencyradio.com/energyshow/.

In the next segment Virstyne welcomes, Jordan Eske to talk computers, facebook and the internet as being both a blessing and a curse.  Jordan runs a website and blog which can be found at: http://localmarket.us/.

April returns from her night job as the New World Order fighting kitty to help Virstyne close out the show.

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