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In Truther Talk Episode 76, The Power of Healing! April Boden and Virstyne Henry talk to Robert Scott Bell of the popular Natural News Radio show,The Robert Scott Bell Show you can find it at: http://radio.naturalnews.com/

His motto is The power to heal is yours…

His show airs six days a week and empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and yes even political healing! Robert hosts the fastest two hours of healing information on radio, dealing with everyday health issues from the perspective of alternative/holistic health care. Robert tackles the tough issues and shows no fear when confronting government and corporate bullies who would stand in the way of health freedom.

You will be amazed by the amount of information about healing that is kept secret from you and what you can do to learn more about it! Robert is a homeopathic practitioner with a passion for health and healing unmatched by anybody on radio. He personally overcame numerous chronic diseases using natural healing principles and has dedicated his life to revealing the healing power within all of us.

Robert and several other health freedom advocates will be speaking at The Healing Revolution Summit in Asheville, North Carolina July 18 – July 20th. For information on how to attend go to King Bio:http://www.kingbio.com/summit

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