Ep 79: Music, Media and Mayhem!!!

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In Truther Talk Episode 79: Music, Media and Mayhem!!! April Boden and Virstyne Henry talk to James Evan Pilato, co-host of the popular radio show and podcast, New World Next Week. New World Next Week provides real news, remixed! Featuring podcasts, the ‘New World Next Week’ video series + special interviews, mixtapes & so much more.

Everything from Trutherism in pop-culture, Illuminati symbolism in popular music, Stand-up comedy and the Medical Industrial Complex are discussed in this fun, lively talk!

To find James’ work, podcasts and more you can check out his blog / website at http://mediamonarchy.blogspot.com/.

If you’ll be in the Olympia area August 9th. you can see James live at the Olympia Sync Summit, for more information go here:http://thesyncbook.com/oly2014.

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Listen here: http://www.ucy.tv/Streams/2832/Truther_Talk_Radio_with_April_and_Virstyne-8-3-2014.mp3