EP80 Genocide in Gaza Part 1

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In Truther Talk Episode 80: Genocide in Gaza: Part 1, An Introduction to Zionism w/Sara Sotomayor! April and Virstyne invite correspondent, friend and third Truther Talk member, Sara Sotomayor to discuss the current conflict in Gaza.

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The history of Zionism, Israel and it’s place in American politics is discussed. They go on to deliver hard hitting commentary and insight on the subject as well as the following audio excerpts featured in this episode:

-David Icke in 7 min Rothschild Zionism and Israel Explained..: http://youtu.be/oRg8Sjop6IY

-An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel: http://youtu.be/etXAm-OylQQ

-The Best of Norman Finkelstein: http://youtu.be/HZBZX4ZxPjA

For more information on today’s guest and Truther Talk correspondent, Sara Sotomayor, you can check out her blog at: http://sarashealingjourney.wordpress.com/

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