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In Truther Talk Episode: 84 Baby Fever Series with Cheryl Jazzar: Part 2! April Boden and Virstyne Henry talk to Cheryl about the extremely common but often misunderstood postpartum depression.

Cheryl is the founder of WellPostpartum Consulting. She has supported hundreds of new mothers since 1998. Her background is in psychology, counseling and women’s studies with a Master’s degree in Human Relations. After pregnancy Cheryl suffered a severe postpartum depression and psychosis. She was hospitalized for six weeks and told she would have to remain on medication for life. She ended up divorcing and losing custody of her precious daughter, Angelica. These experiences, and her remarkable healing, led her to develop a passion for helping women live the type of motherhood they were meant to have.

Although the consulting services, video information, blog posts and supportive Facebook guidance she currently provides via WellPostpartum Consulting are all completely free of charge, it is important that Cheryl has total transparency with the women she serves.

Her passion is working with new mothers, but as an independent wholesale distributor of Young Living essential oils, she works with a wider range of people, as well. She makes commissions from Young Living, which allows her to offer FREE From PPD at no charge, you can purchase YL essential oils from Cheryl at: http://ylscents.com/cheryljazzar/

For more information or to seek Cheryl’s consult go to the following:
And her facebook page: Cheryl Jazzar, Alternative Health Expert

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