Ep 85: Victory over ADHD with Deborah Merlin

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In Truther Talk Episode 85: Victory over ADHD with Deborah Merlin! April Boden and Virstyne Henry talk to mother, health consultant, author and artist, Deborah Merlin about her journey healing her twin boys from ADHD and auto-immune disease with natural remedies, nutritional supplements, diet and more!

For fifteen years, Deborah Merlin made it her mission to be an advocate for her twins’ special needs. As a new mother of very premature twins with challenging health problems, she found that doctors and other professionals offered only drugs as the solution. To find alternative ways to heal her children she attended alternative medicine and nutritional seminars, performed extensive research on ADHD and other health-related issues, and kept impeccable records.

For more information on Deborah, her journey and research go to her website and/or purchase her book, ‘Victory over ADHD’ at:http://victoryoveradhd.com/index.htm

You can follow Deborah on facebook at ‘@ADHD ADHD/Autism Alternative Medicine Resources‘: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ADHDAutism-Alternative-Medicine-Resources/108343805895194

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