EP 86 Cancer Truth Awareness

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Episode 86: Cancer TRUTH Awareness w/ Ty Bollinger
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As an Advocate of Health Freedom, Ty spends much of his time educating others on natural therapies and the dangers of traditional cancer treatments. A truely empowering episode that demystifies cancer.. Not to be missed….
….Today’s topics include how chem-trails, GMOs, Vaccines, fluoride and other environmental toxins are increasing the cancer numbers. Also, how bad is the Medical Mafia’s police state cracking down on parental rights and what are some natural cures if you chose to avoid the toxic standards of care?

After the loss of several family members to Cancer, Ty sought to understand the disease and alternatives to the Standard Practices of Today’s Industry. His book, “Cancer: Step Outside the Box”, is the culmination of 15 years research and hard work. http://www.cancertruth.net/ ~ http://thetruthaboutcancer.com/.

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