Ep 91: The Police State in Suburbia

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In Truther Talk Episode 91: The Police State in Suburbia, America! April and Virstyne talk to their friend Kimberly Dortch, the wife of an optometrist, a nurse, nutritional therapy practitioner and mother of two.  She tells her family’s story of an ongoing police harassment after their 12 year old son was arrested and charged for graffiti vandalism in Riverside County. Following the night their 12 year old son was arrested and interrogated without his parents or an attorney present, not surprisingly, he confessed.  He would go on to be harassed, traumatized and serve jail time, twice for the same crime.

This law abiding, wholesome American family would find themselves in a nearly 2 year on-going legal battle, including an illegal arrest of the family’s patriarch, unwarranted searches of their home, seizure of their property, unfounded visits from CPS and a basic police state nightmare.

The Dortch family is fighting injustices at all costs to expose corruption and tyranny of U.S. law enforcement in Riverside County. Although, it’s a great battle, one that has contributed to them losing their house and going into debt, they’ll speak about why this is important.

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