EP:95 Anti-Vax and Proud!

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In Truther Talk Episode 95, AntiVax and Proud! April Boden and Virstyne Henry take on the latest media hype in the wake of the NON-epidemic, ‘measles epidemic’.

In the first segement they start off with the return of their friend and TT correspondent, Sara Sotomayor. Sara, a frequent of the show discusses her stance on vaccines in light of her personal injury from the HPV vaccine known as Gardasil, that she has been trying to recover from since 2006. To learn more about that please check out her blog, Sara’s Healing Journey from Gardasil Injury at:


In the next segment, they invite now famous Anti-Vaxxer, Matt Jonker to discuss his take on the Anti-vax journey. Matt is a father, husband, and son. He is a conservative millennial, and focuses on family values and faith.
Matt began writing as a child, and it quickly turned into one of his greatest passions. He recently started a blog to not only fulfill his own desire to write on topics he’s passionate about, but to help other like minded people see things they might not have seen before.

To read his now viral article: “15 Things You Should Know Before Becoming An Anti-Vaxxer”, along with the other extremely well written essays you can check out his blog Dinner for Thought at:


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