EP : 100 We Did It!!

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In Truther Talk Episode 100, We Did It!! April and Virstyne interview each other as they did for their first, episode to talk about their personal growth, the evolution of Truther Talk and what the future has in store for the next 100 episodes.

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P.S. On a personal note…
We would like to extend warm thank yous to our two friends, correspondents, frequent guests and occasional co-hosts, who have each made appearances on 13 episodes Sara Sotomayor and Liam Scheff.

As well as our past guests who have made this an exceptional journey.
Angela WilliamsonSean Stone (x 2), Kevin Kostelnik & Benny Wills ofJoyCamp, Jane Burgermeister, Chris Emery(x3), Erica Goldson, Marcella Piper-TerryPatti Finn, Dawn Winkler (x3), Joe JonesDonald Adams,Rob Schneider, Kevin Annett (x3), Fritz Springmeier (x2), Dane Wigington, Dr Rima Laibow (x2), Chris WarkStewart Rhodes, Doomsday Caberet,Christopher KeyGwen OlsenMax Igan (x2), The Patriot Nurse, Loren Cherrstrom, Anna Victoria Rodgers, Da Raw Jouranlist (Mike Rambo),Brendan Hunt (x2), The Truther Girls Sonia, Ty Ty Charlene Bollinger(x2), Leslie Carol Botha (x3), Eileen Dannemann (x2), Jeanette Perez(x2), Patrick MooreSallie ElkordySandeep AgarwalGina TylerJoni Abbott(x2), Jordan EskeBob TuskinJessica Wiehle, Jan Irvin (x2),Valentina Marie Lomborg, Richard Grove, Jason Bermas (x2), Prudence VantilburgMeadow Davidson, Clint Richardson (x3), Arnold Hoekstra, Brandon Garland, Angelo Patrick Arteman, Robert Bonomo, James Evan Pilato, Cheryl JazzarDeborah Reinauer MerlinJeanice Barcelo, Patrick Jordan, Matt JonkerKimberly Tidwell DortchAlexandra M Jamieson,Jamie DeWolf, Ole Dammegard (x2), Yolande Lucire, Craig Meriwether,Robert Scott BellVinny Eastwood, Raphael Pirker, Brandon Turbevilleand Jim Marrs!

We look forward to having many of the guests return and can’t wait to see what new ones crop up.

And last but not least, we couldn’t have done it without the listeners and fans.. thanks for sticking with us, we won’t let you down!!!


Listen here: http://ucy.tv/Pages/Video/O_Sg_Yv9fds