EP: 102 Secret Socities, The Illuminati and Mind Control w/Fritz Springmeir

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In Truther Talk Episode 102, Secret Socities, The Illuminati and Mind Control w/Fritz Springmeir, April Boden and Virstyne Henry talk to researcher and author, Fritz Springmeier.
Fritz’s owes his unique perspective of society to being a world traveler from a very young age.

A paradigm shifting experience in his late teens early twenties, has led him to write the book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati’, as well as become a teacher, who lectures all around the world educating people about Satanist elite, Mind Control, and well as other dark secrets that have been used to disempower the human race for centuries. His latest book ‘The Illuminati Formula’ used to create a total mind controlled slave offers hope because it empowers people with the knowledge of how to protect themselves so they can take their power back.

For more information on Fritz, his work and how to buy his book, go to: http://pentracks.com/blog/store/

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