EP: 103 Shedding Light on the Shadow Ring!

In Truther Talk Episode 103, Shedding Light on the Shadow Ring!
April Boden and Virstyne Henry sit down for the fourth time with Chris Emery and the first time with Mary Ellen Moore to discuss their latest film, Shadow Ring.
This new and exciting documentary will build on the successes of ‘State of Mind: The Psychology of Control’ – Free Mind Films’ follow up to the multiple award winning documentary exposé, A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995′ . Free Mind Films has decided to work with international best-selling author James Perloff to tell the virtually unknown story of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and how that organization is the keyto understanding how our world has become what we see today. ShadowRing, narrated by actor Kevin Sorbo from the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, will entertainingly unfold the events that led to the creation of the CFR, the important players who were instrumental in the council’s success within American politics, and how the CFR wields unimaginable influence over the geo-political agenda of the United States and consequently the events that have shaped our world for the last 100 years.
To learn more about this exciting, star-studded film and get a copy of the dvd, please check out: http://freemindfilms.com/films/shadowring/
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