Ep: 104 Awakening the World with Jack Wolfson!

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In Truther Talk Episode 104 Awakening the World with Jack Wolfson!, April Boden and Virstyne Henry talk to the Paleo Cardiologist, Jack Wolfson.
Dr Wolfson is a cardiologist and doctor of Osteopathy from Arizona.   He spent the first 35 years of his life following the mainstream allopathic model until.   He transformed from being a doctor who followed mindless, cookbook medicine to one who will be amongst the leaders of the health revolution in this country.   Last year’s so-called measles outbreak in California put him in the spot light when he went during a television interview, he spoke out against the over-stated concerns of contracting measles and against vaccination. Following his statements there was a ‘witch hunt’ started by pro-vaccine trolls and pharma to try and revoke the doctor’s license which ultimately failed. He is still practicing healthy organic art of healing with his wife, Heather, a chiropractor, their motto is “Awakening the World to Wellness”.

You can find the doctors Wolfson at http://www.thedrswolfson.com and http://wolfsonintegrativecardiology.com.

His latest book The Paleo Cardiologist is available for purchase at his websites and amazon.

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